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The Right Message to the Right Audience.

The world of technology is constantly changing. Not just with upgrades and standards, but new players are coming in and out all the time. As a manufacturer, it’s important for you to communicate regularly with the members of the Channel about your products and offerings. And nowhere can you accomplish this task better and more targeted than through

By registering as a Manufacturer Provider, you can connect your message with qualified VARs and ISVs in specific regions and categories to effectively promote your company’s various offerings.

Connect with your audience and stay current. Easily and effectively. You’ve done the hard part, now it’s just a matter of getting in front of the right audience. That’s our strength.

As a Manufacturer Provider on, you’ll receive:

By registering as a Manufacturer Provider, you’ll be able to think of SUMOpartner as your silent, yet extremely powerful, partner. A partner with locations all over the map. A partner who comes to you with opportunities and helps grow your business.  A partner that will promote your company’s strength to a very targeted audience.

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